About Huntress Studios

Hello, I’m Lex of Huntress Studios (he/they) and I’m a digital artist from West Virginia, USA. I specialize in skeletons, D&D characters, and animal art. I’m also genderfluid and bisexual, so duality themes may pop up in my work more often than not!

My webcomic—Spooky and Skelly—can be found on Webtoons. In this spooky cute slice-of-life comic, a ghost and a skeleton wander the world after being given a second shot at life. Predictably, adorableness ensues. Look for new episodes every Friday—or subscribe so you don’t miss out! 

 And if you love Spooky & Skelly, check out the coloring book on Amazon! 26 cute sweet pages for your coloring pleasure. 

See many of my designs in my shop!

If you like my work, you can support/tip me on Ko-Fi here! I also sell photo prints there with stellar print quality from Giclee Today.

You’ll see a lot of skeletons and bones in my work. Believe it or not, I’m not obsessed with death. To me, skeletons represent that which lies at the core of us, the crux of our identity. Your experiences during childhood can engrave things into your bones that you may or may not like. I think we can whittle away the things that were never supposed to be there. And engrave instead that which belongs. 

I’m currently open for commissions. Email me at HuntressStudios@outlook.com for more information and a quote on any work you’re looking for.